Marie, Massage Therapist

 Aromatherapy caught my attention and created Allusive Melodies. Later discovered Ayurveda at Song of the Morning Self Realization Fellowship Retreat Center. Began a distance course through Dr. David Frawley. Later switched to on campus at the California College of Ayurveda with additional focus on Body Treatment, known as Abhyanga. As time grew so did my family. As I completed the internship for Ayurvedic Certification I achieved licensing as an EMT in Bainbridge Island to further understand Western Treatment. Time passed and I needed to be licensed in Washington State for practicing Massage. This brought me to Everette College in Bremerton. I was fortunate enough to meet Connie at a Chamber meeting that began my work here in 2011. AS family needs changed I changed careers to Breastfeeding Support 24-hour day responsibility. Keeping my love in love in health and family, I am happy to be back to massage full-time.