Mission Statement

We are Spa for the community with seasoned therapists that genuinely care about you!

TIME Your time begins with the first touch. For your hour massage, you will be on the table for a full 65 minutes with your practitioner.

VALUE Our employees are seasoned massage therapists. We do not “process” our clients here, we value their individuality. Your massage will be customized to your needs using a blend of hot stones, aroma therapy, deep tissue and relaxation techniques. We use 100% pesticide free Jojoba oil.

RELATIONSHIPS Our one hour appointments are scheduled an hour and half apart. This enables your therapist necessary time to complete your massage, give you self care tips and share with you a cup of our Organic Tulsi Tea from India. (This time block also allows our practitioners’ time to refresh, giving you 100%. )

Centering Massage has been in the 3100 building since September 2002.  I hired my first employee the end of 2010.  Since then we have strived to be an example of what massage is for the community.  We excel at being different in including hot stones and any of our eight add-ons as part of their massage at no additional cost.  Yes, we use a lot of hot towels in our rooms.  These ‘spa add-ons’ are an excellent way of setting our massages and getting our clients to have a little fun.  Healing can be fun!!

We look for therapist who take care of themselves and strive to share their enthusiasm of the power of self-care with others.  We pride ourselves in our community…Silverdale.  Thus we are also very active in our community through sponsoring chamber events, donating gift certificates, to doing our annual ‘Cereal Drive’ for our local elementary schools.  In January 2016 we were voted by Silverdale Chamber of Commerce member’s ‘Small Business of the Year Award!’  We also won West Sound Home and Garden’s ‘Massage Therapy Place of the Year Award’ the following month.  We are proud of the work our therapists do within their massage rooms AND in our community!!!

What People Say About Who We Are….

  • Connected
  • Heart Centered
  • Lively
  • Empowering

We are all those four things because we respect individuality and encourage personal growth.  I believe a good leader empowers their followers with their abilities even if losing them in their growth takes them to other establishments.  By allowing our therapist to utilize their abilities in the massage room at no additional cost to the client (except deep tissue work), it creates that individuality.

We are a branded spa in using hot stones, seaweed compresses, aloe vera and arnica compresses, sugar and salt scrubs, hot towel face massages or scalp massages, toastie-toes treatments, and gardener’s hand treatments at no additional cost.  This unites us in the uniqueness of Centering Massage!  I look forward to meeting you and sharing with you in your dreams of success and quality of life.

‘There is a difference….’

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