Kimberly, Massage Therapist

I went to school at Everest in Bremerton graduating in 2014.  I loved the Eastern Theory classes and energy work it taught.  I love watching how people react to this energy work that I do on them.

My favorite part about being a massage therapist is watching my clients after their massage.  I love seeing how they carry themselves after their massage with less stress and a relaxed body…shoulders are dropped, neck moves more freely and not locked in place.

There is an air about my clients when they get off my table less stressed and I hear this change in their voice.  Their breathing is slower and not rushed with trying to get everywhere.

I love working with our Farmhouse Fresh Spa products both on the table and referring clients to use them at home with self-care.  I would love to show you products I have used and the results I have gotten with them at home and how these results carry over into the massage room in giving me more time to relax you vs. grinding out those knots!