Chorus, Massage Therapist

Growing up, I always loved making people feel better, and what better way than to get them in their deepest state of relaxation?! It’s the best feeling in the world when my clients get off the table and say “That was the best massage I’ve ever had.” Hearing those words makes me love my job and love what I do. I enjoy connecting with my clients and really getting to know them, so when it comes to giving them a massage, I know how to cater to their needs. Remember, it’s all about you when you’re here.

My goal when giving a massage is to make the client “let go.” Letting go meaning to let go of any stress, worry or anything that is happening outside the now, and bringing them to their inner peace, feeling centered and balanced.

My favorite part of giving a massage is definitely the neck, hips and feet. I also do great treatment work, while also incorporating Reiki and energy work into my massages. My interests outside of being a therapist include writing music, dancing, animals, art and being around nature.