A 30 minute massage session may be just what you need! Perhaps you have never had a professional massage and are feeling a bit nervous. Come in for a 30 minute session, where we focus solely on your upper body and introduce you to basic massage treatment and it’s benefits. Short on time, but in need of self-care? Come in for a 30 minute session, and we can target the areas that are most stressed and affected to help get you through the day. Perhaps you are in need of some regular focused work for recovery purposes. Ask how we can do regular 30 minute sessions weekly, or bi-weekly. While most 30 minute sessions focus on essential back and neck work, we can also use express timing to focus on specific needed treatment. Enjoy relaxation and therapeutic modalities. Hot stones are used and a seaweed compress may be added to enhance healing and promote a good night’s rest.

30 min – $55

30 min w/ Deep Tissue – $70  

Upgrade to Fresh Skin Care Products  – +$10